Keep Your House and Cars!

We understand that your home and cars are essential to your life. This is why it is in your best interest to hire an experienced bankruptcy attorney so we can ensure you keep all of our assets. There are certain bankruptcy rules that need to be correctly followed in order for you to retain your assets.

Keeping Your House:

Number one rule is to make sure you have a GREAT bankruptcy attorney who is very thorough. If you don’t have a really thorough bankruptcy attorney, you might lose your house in bankruptcy. If your attorney is great, he or she will NEVER gamble with your house and they will not file your case unless your house can be protected. At Law Offices of Lady Justice we know exactly how to keep your house and we will explain it in detail. We will always identify and communicate the risks to you.

Equity Definition – If the amount of loan you have on an asset is less than what it is worth at fair market price, then you have equity in that asset.

House with no equity – If your house does not equity then you will probably be able to keep all of your assets. We assess your situation and let you know what will happen with each of your assets before we file your bankruptcy.

House with equity – We will help protect your home by using different exemptions in the bankruptcy. However in this situation you will only be able to protect $5,100 worth of your no equity cars (see below).

Keeping Your Car:

Cars with no equity – Your car is safe long as you keep making car payments. There are a few exceptions that your bankruptcy lawyer will explain.

Cars with equity – If you own the car free and clear without loans your car might not be safe. Whether it is safe depends on the value of the car and other variables we can discuss with you. It is important to consult with a bankruptcy attorney to make sure you keep these cars.

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