One Court Hearing

All debtors must go to a court hearing called 341 Meeting of Creditors. It is very rare a creditor shows up to these hearings and you have nothing to be nervous about. We will be there every step of the way and help you throughout the hearing.


Valid photo identification such as your California’s Driver’s License.

Original proof of your social security number such as your original social security card. Do NOT bring a photocopy.

Name and address of anyone you pay spousal or child support to.

We will bring everything else that is needed.


The hearing takes 5-10 minutes and is very simple. There may be a wait time before your case is called.

Following are typical questions the trustee may ask you:

State name and address for the record.
Have you read the green information sheet? This information sheet will be provided to you right before the hearing.
Did you review and sign your bankruptcy papers before filing with the court?
Is everything in the papers true and complete in to best of your knowledge?
Is there anything in the bankruptcy papers that you have not listed or are there any errors?
Did you list all debts and all assets?
Have you ever filed for bankruptcy before?
Have you sold or transferred or given anything away in the last 2 years greater than $1,000?
Do you own or rent your home?
Do you pay alimony or child support?
The tax returns provided are true and accurate and most recently filed tax returns?
Trustee will then return your identification and social security card. That is the end of the hearing. Nothing to be nervous about!

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