Surplus Funds

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If you have gone through the foreclosure process and your home was sold by the lender or any liens such as an IRS tax lien, you may be entitled to more than you think.

In some circumstances when your home is sold, it is sold for more than the balance owed on your loan. In this scenario, the lender received full payout of the outstanding loan amount and there is money left over. Certain lenders may inform you about the remaining balance and others will not or were not able to reach you. In any scenario, you may have a valid claim for overage balance.
The process can be tedious and long, but an experienced attorney can navigate the various channels for you to get you the money owed to you in the quickest possible manner.

Surplus funds are not a topic that comes up in many conversations. Our office has had much success in recovery of our clients’ surplus funds which in turn allows them to save or use money they never knew they had.

If you believe or know that you may be entitled to a surplus fund payout from a foreclosure, call us today for a no obligation consultation.