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The Law Offices of Lady Justice wants to sincerely thank each of you for taking the time to provide us with the following testimonials. It gives us great pride and validates all the rigorous effort we put toward every client. Many testimonials are signed with initials due to client’s request that their full names not be used. Please feel free to submit your own testimonial, which will be posted on this page shortly.

Note: The following testimonials are verbatim from former clients and have not been altered or changed in any way. The testimonials do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your personal legal matter.


I am so happy they have a holiday discount! I really couldn't afford bankruptcy before but I was able to pay right away and am in the bankruptcy process right now!

Jenny L
Hesperia, CA

I would recommend this law firm to anyone. They are quick and honest and I was done with the whole bankruptcy in a few months. I also appreciate that Mona Patel was at the hearing with me. I thought it would be scary going to court but it really was not that bad.

Jenika W
Victorville, California

My husband had stage 4 cancer and I could not pay the ever mounting bills. I called the office of Mona Patel and its the best thing I could have done. I now don\’t have to worry about that any more. Thanks Mona for the excellent work you and your office do.

Rachelle Ruiz
Hesperia, CA

My husband got sick and couldn’t go back to work. We used our credit cards for everything! We couldn’t afford to keep our house. We contacted Mona and I couldn’t believe how easy she made the process. We are now debt-free and no more sleepless nights.

Julie Roisee
Adelanto, CA

Not only did my wife leave me, she tried to prevent me from seeing our children! I literally thought I would never see them again. I retained the attorney and she filed a motion and got us into court the next day. I got 50/50 custody and was immediately able to see our children again!

Joseph L.
Victorville, CA

I went with another attorney before hiring lady justice. That attorney who I will not name took my money and didn’t do anything for me! The attorney helped me through a very tough time. Thank you. I hope you both the best.

Mina S.
Apple Valley, CA

I hired the attorney to handle my divorce. My ex wanted to fight over everything you can imagine. The attorney fees were incredibly fair and she was able to talk my ex into settling before we even got to court. I would definitely refer her to any person going through a divorce.

Eric Shidley
Redlands, CA

Mona Patel always made time to speak with me personally and review over and over again the many time-consuming details involved in my trust and power of attorney. She replied to my every e-mail and telephone message. I’m really glad I chose to go with her. She even had one of her assistants help me find a new home…and they didn’t even get any commission from it! You were a true blessing to my family. Thank you!!!

Buena Park, CA

This law firm has done more than save our home, they saved our family. Things were getting so tough -I remember barely making it home from work with my gas light on… to no dinner. Later that night my sister-in-law called after seeing a billboard for this law firm. I can’t believe how helpful they were and how quick I got a phone consultation. I didn’t even have to wait and go to their office. Unlike Indymac, they treated us like people. Life is so good now, and I would not hesitate to refer anyone to The Law Office of Lady Justice. Thank you Mona!

Annie A.
Encino, CA

I was injured in a car accident and retained this office. She handled my matter quickly and thoroughly. She was always available to speak to me when I needed her. I would definitely recommend her to my friends.

Pomona, CA

First of all, each of your employees has been extremely helpful. Secondly, your staff’s customer service was amazing! Also Mrs. Patel you have been incredible to work with. From our first meeting you made us feel comfortable and walked through our fears and stress. My wife and I are very impressed with the quality of services we received and we plan to recommend your firm to family and friends who may also need your services.

Miguel and Kelly L.
Burbank, CA

Law Offices of Lady Justice assisted me with a contract dispute I had with a business partner. I was told by other attorneys that the case would be very costly because I would have to go to trial. The attorney aggressively resolved the dispute in less than a week.

Clarence Thompson
Ontario, CA

Note: The following testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your personal legal matter.

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