What Is The Bankruptcy Process

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We understand this may be a confusing and stressful time and hope this brief explanation clears up your questions on how the process works. If you have any other questions feel free to call us at any time!

First Step: Starting The Process – Call Us!
Just for picking up the phone – congratulations! You are one step closer to being debt-free and giving yourself a fresh start.
During our free consultation we will discuss your current and past income, debts, and assets. From the information provided we will make sure to protect everything we can, including your home and vehicles. We will then let you know the best solution for your circumstance – whether it be debt negotiation or bankruptcy. It is our belief that bankruptcy should be the last resort and we will make sure it is.

Second Step: Client Questionnaire and Credit Counseling Course
Once you have retained an attorney, you can immediately start telling your creditors to call us at 888-523-9121 and to leave you alone! We will explain the client questionnaire and credit counseling Information during the consultation.
Client Questionnaire: This questionnaire may appear to be overwhelming but we will walk you through it. We ask that all clients provide us with all relevant information about your property, vehicles, retirement plans, etc. We strive to make things easy for our clients so you do not need to list any creditors since pulling your official credit report is included under our retainer. At any point where possible, we will aim to simplify the process to reduce your feelings of stress or anxiety.

Credit Counseling Course: As part of the process, you are required to take two credit counseling courses. All information about the courses will be provided and they can be taken online or over the phone. Please see “Two Mandatory Classes” for more information.

Third Step: Document Collection
Please see “What Documents Will We Need” for additional information.
Once we have all relevant documents, we can commit to a 48 hour turnaround time to send you your draft bankruptcy petition for review.

Fourth Step: Going Over Your Bankruptcy
Once preparation of your bankruptcy petition we will contact you to review. Before filing your case, we will make certain that everything is accurate and exactly how you want it. This is your chance to look through the bankruptcy and make sure we’ve included every creditor so those debts can be erased. Those on your credit report will already be included.

Fifth Step: After Filing Your Bankruptcy – Court Hearing

Your court hearing will be approximately one month after filing your bankruptcy. You will receive a notice from the Bankruptcy Court and also from our office informing you of the date and time of the hearing. The hearing will be straight forward and nothing to be nervous about. The attorney will be present for all court hearings. Please see “Court Hearing” for additional information.

Sixth Step: After The Court Hearing
If the court does not need any further information or documents at the conclusion of the hearing, your hearing will be complete. You will be required to do anything else except wait for a discharge letter in the mail. “Discharged” confirms that the debts listed in the application have been erased. This final discharge can be expected approximately 100 days after the court hearing.