Why Choose Us

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The legal process can be challenging and very intrusive into your personal life. You should choose to work with someone you trust and someone you feel has your best interests in mind.

At Law Offices of Lady Justice, you will work directly and solely with Attorney Mona Patel throughout the entire process. You will not communication with paralegals or assistants throughout the process including when attending your case hearing.

From consultation to discharge, the attorney will be available to you via phone or email and in person appointments. It is important to us that you feel prioritized and we will work as quickly and diligently as you need to accomplish your desired result. Below are some of benefits of our office that we choose to offer to help facilitate these processes for our clients.

  • Flexible hours including weekend and evening availabilities
  • Direct communication with your attorney from start to finish. Many others will have staff members do majority of the work with the attorney meeting with you once or twice, if at all. We value your time and believe entrusting us means that same level of commitment we promised before your decision to retain
  • There is no obligation or pressure to retain. We will listen to your needs and provide you the best options for you even if that results in you choosing not to retain our services
  • We offer payment plans to suit any budget
  • We value your time and the attorney will respond to all phone calls or emails within 24 hours!
  • No hidden fees. Our fee agreement provides all costs in a clear and understandable way. We do not add mystery fees throughout the process
  • We have helped hundreds of clients with all their needs
  • Referrals are a big part of our business. We hope that through experiencing our services first hand you will recommend our services to your friends and family.
  • Our office has grown through learning and adapting to our clients’ needs. We value feedback and encourage information on how we can improve.

Ultimately, we understand this is not a decision you may wish to make overnight. If we can help in that decision-making process please let us know. If we are not best suited to meet your needs, we can leverage our network to find something that may work for you.